#30DaysOfThanks Right after we finally learned to care for our colicky baby boy, we went to the doctor and discovered we were pregnant. Whew!

Right before Omar’s 1st birthday here comes the prettiest busiest little bossy chocolate drop you’ve ever seen. She is still the same.

Iman is the answer to my mother’s regular quip, “Just wait til you have children of your own”. #Parenting girls is just short of amazing. (Amazing is a nicer word than I want to put here) I was/am a bit of a tomboy and could wear a uniform daily. Miss Iman who could not be satisfied with one frilly outfit per day fought daily through the uniform years and who knows when she began to wear makeup.

Iman made, with the help of my mom, her own prom dresses because none She saw captured her essence. She with friends, pulled off a ridiculous senior year prank. She believes in her own #blackGirlMagic and is not afraid of anyone’s opinion. She loves deeply, over thinks and takes HUGE risks. She is a hustler, believes and prays to God and her eyebrows are always on #fleek.

Iman is an incredible mom for #MarchingtoZion. He adores her and inspires her. She has had lots of jobs and created her own. She designs, creates and plans and makes us all do what she wants oftentimes before we realize what has happened.

#ShopNamiBoutique is a great testament to what it means to believe in yourself, no matter what anyone else believes about you. Simply trust God’s promises concerning you. #Whatareyouthankfulfor #Icanhelpyouifyouletme #Parenting

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