we are all Marching to Zion

the Ingrams

I was born April 23, 1965 to Henry and Lucinda Belin and my brothers Henry (a year older) and Dwayne (a year younger) grew up in Nashville, TN. My sister Lynne (can’t tell you how many years older) grew up in Clarksdale, MS.

I’ve been married to the same black man since 1989 (he generally doesn’t like playing in my escapades so we’ll call him Dude) Dude is a great guy that I met at his frat party in 1986 and he walked up to me and said “you want me don’t you?” (that’s how he likes to tell the story and it doesn’t bother me to let him remember it like that)

Dude and I have three pseudo adults Omar (90) Iman (91) and Asha (92) – I know what you are thinking and no we didn’t plan it like this, as a matter of fact we haven’t planned yet to have kids. Lord knows however, I wouldn’t change a thing. I wouldn’t be me without them.

I seemingly spend a lot of time Marching to Zion! He’s our only grandchild and Zion is the most fun kid EVER! he has his own hashtag #MarchingtoZion

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