#Day13 Thankful for me


#RememberToBreathe #RelaxYourBody #ReleaseTheTension #LetYourBodyRISE my 53 year old cousin, Aubrey dropped dead early Saturday morning and I am sure it was a broken heart, his mom died 3 weeks ago. #pray for my family especially his sons.
Every single day I get up and #GetItDone no matter what IT is usually without hesitation. In all that I do for family, church, church family, school, and work I manage to still take care of me; playing with friends & family, nails and hair, working out, living my life.
I realized yesterday that I needed a day to do NOTHING constructive other than pray and #workout (for me another form of prayer). I got up late (6.3a) prayed and strolled into the #YMCA around 8.30ish. While on the track I watched folk go into the studio while I was listening to horrific #biblicalstories on my earphones and thinking about horrific things going on in the world. I realized I wasn’t breathing, not really.
After wandering into the #Yoga class, and getting over the smell of my gym shoes and feet, (#odoreatersmatter) I started getting into the practice. The beginning salutations and breathing exercises felt right and necessary. My body resisted the poses and as I worked to glide into themI heard the instructor say REMEMBER TO BREATHE.
There are so many times that we move through life doing all the right things but not really taking deep life giving breaths that remind us that we aren’t in this by ourselves, that God loves us and is present with us.

I think the instructor saw my struggle when she said RELAX YOUR BODY. I was already trying to breathe and she wants me to breathe AND relax. I was about to become overwhelmed and not really enjoy the practice when she said RELEASE THE TENSION. For me that’s like not taking everything too seriously just do what I can and enjoy the time I have.

Finally, she said LET YOUR BODY RISE. Yes, that’s it, that’s exactly what I needed. This morning’s yoga practice reminded me to focus on me: mind, body, soul and spirit. I #ThankGod for the ability to be me. #Day13 I thank God for life, a reasonable portion of health and strength and a heart to trust God to always be present hearing and answering my prayers and needs. Remember to breathe. #30DaysOfThanks #Whatareyouthankfulfor #Icanhelpyouifyouletme

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