It ALWAYS matters how we treat people


We may forget, but as evidenced by this post from Angela- those in your company remember. 

“​20 some odd years ago I moved to Atlanta for school. To be a “kid” in a new city I knew nothing about, away from allllll my family and everything that I held dear it can be quite a scary thing. I didn’t know a single person but the other “kids” I came here with. Week one God placed two angels in my life that made that transition so much easier. Dr @Cynthia L. Hale and Rev. Toni Belin. If I never said it before THANK YOU Toni Belin on many a day you opened your home, shared your family (Your washer/dryer and kitchen/dinner table too lol) but more importantly you opened your heart to me. To sit tonight and hear you preach about being the Jesus that others need see, being inviting, not knowing what people are going through but offering them love and compassion and a welcome spirit, it brings everything full circle for me.  I so appreciate both of these awesome women of God for being the embodiment of all those things to a young girl then and even still now. Their ministries are truly a testiment to who they truly are. Just like you shared tonight, it can make the complete difference in someones life and you two awesome women of God have definitely done that for me.  #Godgavemehisbest” 

 #LiveFaithfully #LiveTRUE 

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