you and me


the way you

dream and it becomes reality

see others dreams and show them the way


the way you

grow older but never age

demonstrating to future generations to seek their distinctive beauty


the way you

see that which is not visible

hear that which is not audible


the way you

act and respond in crisis

never seeking recognition but restoration


the way you

strengthen the weak

bless and heal, uplift and encourage


the way you

majestically enter any space

commanding attention, but never seeking it


the way you

carry your unborn

with the assurance that they will thrive


the way you

love those who are unlovable

with care and thoughtfulness that they may feel loved


the way you

color your full lips, cover your curvaceous hips

knowing your beauty is not in what others think or see


the way you

could be high yellow or red-bone or paper sack brown or chocolate or dark as the night

and your glistening melanin empowers others to take pride in the power of their own black skin


the way you

build community

at home, in church, at school, even in sorority meeting


you demonstrate the presence of God and the power of the Holy


you remind us how to live believing in the promise of God


you teach us that it isn’t about us at all, but how we bring Glory to God


the way you do you

makes me want to be the best me

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