#30DaysOfThanks AshaLu


Every family needs a moral conscience. Someone that is not trying to impress or improve standing, but simply always insists on right being accomplished.

Our 25 year old is that kind of young woman. She’s an extreme #introvert who has been asking since I started my #30DaysOfThanks to know what I planned to say about her. She didn’t want it flowery, just plain and simple. I promised her it would be.

Asha Lucinda Ingram is our youngest kid in our rapid succession of having children one immediately after the other. Raymond and I had just figured out how he could go to school in Indiana (momma’s boy was trying to get closer to his momma). We got there in August and she was due in October. We delivered her in Atlanta and decided to stay in Ohio with my parents for a couple months before going back to the family housing dorm in Bloomington. Asha was in the children’s hospital for reflux for a couple of weeks around thanksgiving and thus began my love of Twix. (Stress eating – I DO NOT, I repeat, I DO NOT RECOMMEND beginning a life of eating off your stress)

Asha, decided pretty early what and who she liked and what she didn’t. Probably, because she started off so sick, we indulged her way more than we should have. (Another thing you shouldn’t do) Asha fully expects that what she says should be the rule of the house. She’s the real reason that 30 grown people dress in matching pjs and travel for Christmas parties. She sends a family holiday letter pretending to ask our opinion when in reality she’s already planned everything.

She will only work for companies that are ecologically sustainable, take a stand on justice issues, have a community focus for the least of these and give her 2 weeks for Christmas and summers off. No, she won’t be a teacher cause she won’t make enough money. I know what you’re thinking and you’re right. This year Asha named herself #StayAtHomeAunty as she was #MarchingtoZion she is the favorite “nanny/driver/caregiver” for dozens of kids.

She teaches #BlackPride #BlackLivesMatter #BlackIsBeautiful. She is very active in our #AdamsPark community and takes a stand on #gentrification. She makes me do better when I think about giving up. She reminds me that generations are watching and need to both inspired and empowered to live their best lives. She inspires me to not care what anyone else thinks or if anyone else notices but to always seek justice, to pay attention to the needs of others, to know that everyone doesn’t hear, see, learn or experience things the same, to see the very best in all people.

She’s also the reason that #Koal is still in my house. She almost had a nervous breakdown when I was giving him away.

#30DaysOfThanks #Whatareyouthankfulfor #Icanhelpyouifyouletme #Parenting #DailyPrayer

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