​we have been teaching our sons to cower down, to stand down, not look so tall, to put their hands at 10 and 2 if pulled over, then after so many were still killed, we told them to walk around with hands up and begging them not to shoot, we wore hoodies in honor of #travon but really didn’t want our sons to.  We have made them pull up their pants, wear a collared shirt, look intimidated and not intimidating, we have taught them not to be who they were created to be simply to accommodate jokers who have created stand your ground laws to shoot and kill our black sons, daughters, husbands, brothers no matter what.  When it’s not with guns, they take jobs, pollute our water, infest our communities and rape our daughters and sons. We got their education the way they said it should be done and when our sons and daughters excelled over theirs they still tried the tricks of the evil one. 

The Bible Says Resist the devil and he will flee! I think it’s time to teach our sons and daughters stand up straight and tall! Resist 

Resist by voting jokers out of office

Resist by volunteering in our communities

Resist by standing up for others who’ve been let go unfairly

Resist by investing in our own neighborhoods

Resist by shopping in our own stores

Resist by moving back to the hood

Resist by volunteering in our schools

Resist by not allowing the governor to take over our schools

Resist by teaching someone else how to resist

Resist by taking folk to vote

Resist by operating out of Faith in God rather than fear of fools

Resist by taking a knee during the anthem

Resist by stop shopping and making them rich

Resist by standing up and encouraging one another

Resist by teaching our children how to fight racism

Resist by humbling ourselves before the Lord in Prayer

Resist by speaking the Truth in Love 

Resist by no more bowing down 

Resist by reading that which would edify us as a people

Resist, just Resist

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