43 days to go


Day three. More prayer, more devotion, more meditation, more reading, more worship, more Jesus is so much easier said than done. Life is happening all around us. Death is all around us. Our enemies know we are seeking to live and be better to trust God fully with all that we are, so they attack us. The task is not an easy one, bridled tongues and forgiving hearts, minds focused on who God is in us and what God says about us. Putting our full trust in God, and operating in the belief that God is all we need – mind regulator, heart mender, doctor in sickroom, shelter in storm, provider, deliverer, is so easy…. To say, not really to do.

We have fought the enemy ourselves. Many times we have ourselves been the enemy. But now during this season as we seek the Lord’s guidance, we yield to God every fiber of our being.  As we yield to the Lord we will begin see who God is and who we are in God. Our respect, or fear of the Lord then becomes the beginning of us being wise, not in the things of this world, but in the things that matter, spiritual things.

Patient and faithful God strengthen our resolve that we don’t go back to business as usual. Help us loving God to faithfully wait upon you. Merciful God as we learn more about you, teach us who we really are. Free our minds, bodies and souls to lean not to our own understanding, but to in all ways acknowledge you as you straighten our paths. In the victorious name of Jesus we pray. Amen

Toni Belin Ingram


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