Uninvited guest


imageUninvited guest

I thought I was at mass, but it was actually a wedding. The language barrier. I really didn’t think much about the flowers and all the folks in Saint Mary’s Basilica. Today is National republic day and I thought it was decorated for that. Beautiful flowers and extremely ornate priests made for a very interesting time to reflect.

Today we came to Saint Mary’s to reflect and hear from God. At first glance, everything I needed was there. Mass, Homily, Holy People, beautiful statutes, Mary holding hung Jesus, the 12 stations of the cross, John baptizing Jesus Christ. Everything. Even outside the main sanctuary are places for reflection. Another smaller simageanctuary with plenty of outdoor seating, the Saint Jude building for quieted solitude and any number of nooks and crannies.

But I chose the wedding with all it’s grandeur, excitement, beautiful saris and exotic beautiful people. People people who didn’t flinch at the sight of us marching in fifty deep late to their well planned, holy matrimonial ceremony. Gracious folk who moved over at our unexpected entry and even posed for our pictures without rolling their eyes or shaking their heads.

I loved it absolutely. One thing I felt and experienced is God in them, everyone was warm and kind and probably a little entertained. God’s prevailing love did just that without hesitation or distraction. As I think about the distraction of the wedding and all the places that there were to complete our assignment of stopping and reflecting it made me realize that oftentimes the uninvited guest in our prayer, meditation, reflection, devotion time is God.

I learned a lot today from my Indian Christian brothers and sisters, welcome the stranger, be receptive to the unexpected and trust that God’s love will prevail even in the midst of distractions.

Until later

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