I have always loved and welcomed new opportunities. I will admit, I am always still a little apprehensive, but at ten I learned that my inner light burning brighter would always outweigh the bumps and bruises I encounter just getting to the light switch. This #PrayerIndia2015 was no exception. I had no idea what to expect and with Dude, being laid off in October, I didn’t want to put undue pressure on our finances. But God is good and Dude is gracious, so all worked out.

I knew that we would pray and that wasn’t a big deal, I know prayer when I know nothing else. When I heard about the opportunity to go on this trip I prayed for God’s love to prevail and that God would be glorified. I have learned to pray when all is well and when it’s not well. I’ve learned to listen, wait, ask, adore, praise, repent. I’ve prayed the Psalms and Hip Hop prayers with Kim. I’ve prayed scriptures and songs. I know and trust God I believe God, I know God loves me and I love God. I’ve prayed with happy feet, on bended knees and even lying prostrate. I have prayed with my eyes open wide, closed tight, I figured we’d pray with the Indian people and have a little fun do a little shopping.

Obviously, I’ve never been on a real mission trip. We arrived at the hotel in India a little over 24 hours after I had left home. We were assigned roommates, took our personal luggage upstairs came back down and began sorting the prescriptions and setting up the clinics and the sistercare supplies. Well, they did, I stuffed treat bags with the healthy snacks for our sisters that would be coming soon.

They arrived and we prayed, praised and worshipped, but more than in all the folk in the sanctuary, God’s love prevailed in the doctors and pharmacists, the nurses and the shrinks, God’s love was with those who triaged and those who interpreted. I was unprepared for that. My heart was full and I even still have tears thinking about the many times I teased Teleah that they needed her in the clinic and she genuinely looked as if she were splitting herself in two to accommodate whatever and whoever was needed. I took lots of pictures of she and Cozzette mainly because I wanted to document for their young children what sheer joy they gave to every person they came in contact with.

Women who have endured God only knows what appeared to stand a little taller, shine a little brighter and smile much easier. The healing touch of Christ Jesus was truly embodied in the hands and smiles and the light that illumined from the touch of the medical team. I realized that my light was much brighter the switch was flipped not by me but solar powered by the light shining through others. Now I can say I’ve even prayed through touch.

Until later

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