I’m 39,000 feet in the air traveling at 523 miles per hour with about an hour left to Hyderabad, India. When Rev. Mommy Cee suggested that I come to the international women’s praying convocation in India I immediately thought of all the reasons I shouldn’t and couldn’t ranging from money and the fact that the AME church as a whole doesn’t think so highly of #AMEIndia. Then just as quickly, I heard God ask how do I really expect to practice what I preach and ensure that the Kingdom come here on Earth as it is in Heaven if I don’t move when God gives opportunity.
So, here I am, God blessed me with dude that supports every activity and dream I have with very minimal mumbling. I flew from Atlanta to Chicago to meet up with the other 40 folks. I was excited that I was in the terminal with Garretts popcorn. The fact that there was no line was a sign from God. I got a jumbo Chicago Mix. When I was coming through security, I was very hurt by a TSA agent in Chicago who was indiscriminately rude and nasty to the non American travelers. She even covered her nose and yelled “ugh, give me tissue they stink” My heart pounded and my fist curled. After, getting my shoes on, I calmly went to the supervisor on duty an expressed my concerns. He apologized and said that he does not tolerate that behavior and immediately observed and went and got her.
I found my group, a bunch of women and 3 men, we received journals, instructions and prayer from Bishop John. (My brother Henry joked earlier and said “don’t let them leave you” in 1988 Bishop and Reverend Mommy Were newly elected and went to Nigeria and Henry went with them. He stayed a couple years and pastored)
We boarded the Etihad Airlines flight, I watched a couple of movies – Hector and the Search for Happiness and The Love Punch. I slept several hours. Chose the vegetarian meals (still on Daniel Fast) which are all full of spicy potatoes, rice and some kind of bean…. (Hopefully, I won’t be the one that stinks)
As we landed in Abu Dhabi the lights put me in the mind of Las Vegas and I felt myself wishing I had organized my trip for a day stay over on the return, but quickly realized that would only be fun with Dude….. or Dwayne Jeff and Sonya – they make for great travel companions as well that’s as long as Sonya doesn’t make the flight arrangements.

Well, until later….
Peace and Love

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  1. Rev. – thank you for posting this – you have given me courage to continue with a venture I know God is giving me the opportunity to pursue – more grateful than you could know.

  2. Hello Toni. I don’t remember signing up for your blog. Whatever, I did to receive it, I am thankful because I appreciate your posts. I have receive two thus far. Thank you for sharing. Eula

    Date: Thu, 22 Jan 2015 07:08:00 +0000 To:

  3. Truth is I now have family living on all over the world (including Abu Dhabi). My diaspora prayers go out this morning for the work and connection. There is great need. Let the be healing all over the world.

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